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 A Community in Need 

Currently, many high school students do not have direction or goals for their post high school years. Underserved communities are often comprised of people of color. They have not been exposed to the opportunities afforded to them. Without hope and a vision for the future, students have less incentive to stay in school.

Studies have shown that when low-income children consistently participate in after school and summer programs, they have lower dropout rates, higher achievement, reduced risky behaviors and increased college and career-needed skills. Numerous efforts at dropout prevention focus on the high school years, however, the red flags that warn of pending dropouts are evident as early as sixth grade. This is where P3 comes in to change lives.

Our Mission

Passion 2 Pay Project, empowers young minds to explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship. While also building confidence and identifying opportunities for our students. Since 2016, we have been igniting curiosity in local youth, by offering hands on after school and summer programs for middle school students, allowing them to discover a whole new realm of possibility!

Our Vision

Passion 2 Pay Project is fighting the epidemic of student dropouts and helping those without a clear path after high school to gain college, career, and life skills. The need for our services are critical - and increasing.

This program offers students an invaluable opportunity to: develop their gifts and talents, build a resume of both existing skills as well as new ones they won’t find anywhere else, learn about the job and college application process, and even create businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Youth experience personal discovery through vision boards and journaling, and crafting an authentic understanding of themselves that guides them wherever their unique paths may take them. Mentors and tutors are also available along every step of the journey!

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